16 | 07 | 2024
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Outsourcing from one hand


We offer you finetuned and integrated product-services for your whole
enterprise, from the complete product development of electronic products up
to intelligent promotion concepts for the later sales support.

We track and overview all your projects and resources. With modern planning,
controlling and communicaion tools  we try to implement your timetable and your product specificaion to the best advantage.

With our numerous competent development partners in Russia,Ukraine, Belarus and in other eastern European countries we have positioned a strong and powerful team to enforce your  
development resources.

Due to the relative close distance to our partners we can
provide you fast, secure and well-engineered solution concepts for your specific development demand.

Our staff personnel communicates in their native Russian and
Ukrainian languages as well as in English and German  that
ensures a frictionless handling of the projects.

Your contact partners are located in Germany and Europe and our well trained staff members are pleased to process all technical and commercial tasks for you and your projects.

With our services you can overcome bounds and barriers, gain new strengths and intensify your focus on your core business. Stand your ground against the evergrowing Asian competition by strategic partnerships with us and our partners.

We can support you by easing the realisaion of your visions.


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