16 | 07 | 2024
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Product Development



Product development  is a teamwork

We can consistently support  you from the first product-idea about product design, hardware construction and development, software integration up to sales and marketing concepts for the end product. Our team is able to support  and advice you with your decisions


Hardware development

Due to the use of modern development tools and the newest technologies  as well as the use of proofed and established



technics we can find the optimal balance between cost and benefit for many problem tasks. We feel home in the area of analog and digital circuit design, and we also are skilled and experienced in the use of modern wireless technologies. Production-ready PCB layouts and production- oriented optimisation of the design of assembly groups is a matter of course for our team.

In case of advanced problem areas we work together closely with production partners in Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Asia, so that we also can support you actively with the implementation of your ideas. The complete product development cycle from first idea to the optimized implementation in the production line. Our experienced engineers can offer you many innovative and tested solution proposals. The newest technologies were continuously observed and evaluated by selective knowledge management.  We can help you to find the right solution to your problem.


Software development

In conjunction with the hardware development, we can offer  you a lot of proven standard libraries, which are also cross-portable to 8 - 16 - and 32-bit platforms.

The achievement of an optimal code reuse in all designs is our target. Improve your performance and reduce your resource needs through an optimized design. Hardware will succeed only through a streamlined and user-friendly software interface. We can choose from a wide range of technologies and components in order to complete  your software development successfully. We are programming in C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Action Script, Assembler, and we can meet your requirements. We are able to implement technologies from assembler-firmware, system programming, TCP/IP, ODBC/OLE DB / SQL-Server, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE Automation, USB controller up to the proprietary components` development  for your specific hardware.


Use our design skills and experiences from many industrial and consumer products.


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